Many people use garlic in their food, but also many people (like yogi’s) don’t because of several reasons. Garlic is rajastic , it drives motion, energy and activity in body and mind. While doing yoga or meditation you need a restful mind, that’s why its not advised. But garlic does has many qualities, which are also mentioned in the classical text Ashtanga Hrdayam, which I am studying now. So I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. I think it is pretty amazing that this was written thousands of years ago. Ofcourse there is much more additional knowledge now because of scientific research, but imagine that without those resources and than knowing all this…amazing!

” Lasuna (garlic) is extremely tiksna (sharp in action), usna (hot), katu (pungent) in both rasa (taste) and vipaka (metabolic action) and is sara (laxative).

It is hydra (stomachic as well as cardiac tonic), keysa (hair tonic), is guru (heavy), vrya (aphrodisiac), snighda (unctuous), rocana (appetizer) and dipana (carminative).

It cures kilasa kustha (de-pigmentation), gulma (abdominal fullness), arsas (haemorrhoids), prameha (diabetes), krmi (intestinal worms), diseases due to kapha-vata dosas, hikka (hiccups), pinasa (rhinorrhoea), svasa (asthma) and kasa (cough). And it precipitates rakta pitta (bleeding disorders).”

(Ashtanga Hrdayam – Chapter 6 – Shloka 110-111)

So from intestinal worms to diabetes, garlic is a very meaningful herb and medicine that you can use in your kitchen.

ashtanga hrdayam


Yolanda Zwiers – from Hariharapura, India