A day at the Ayurveda Clinic

Last week I started my internship at Dr. Ahswin in Hariharapura, India. I thought I already knew a bit about Ayurveda due to the trainings I have received to date, but surprise suprise, I don’t know as much as I thought. I am studying the classical Ayurevda text called ‘Ashtanga Hrydram’, written at least 1500 years ago. Wow, a whole new world opens up. Dr.Ashwin is giving me the foundation to build up my knowledge and that feels really good.

A few hours a day we (the interns, it’s 2 of us) can join him and see how he works at the village clinic. They call it the clinic, but its a little practise room where sometimes a whole indian family cramps together. And it’s sort of without oxyegen because there is no power and it’s hot and stuffy.

People come and go, in one hour he sees an average of 6 to 8 patients and helps them with their problem. Of course they speak in their own dialect Kannada so we don’t understand. But later he translates the issue and the treatment to us. The patients are sometimes a bit shocked by seeing two white women, like these two children patients who kept staring at us. Funny.

With what kind of questions do the patients come? Well, it’s all sorts. But what is striking is that most of them went to a ‘normal’ doctor first and didn’t find a solution there. Or they come with eye problems, because that is his specialty. And they come from everywhere in the region. With a wounded elbow, a bloated belly, headaches, back problems, itching skin, hypertension, throat pain, hearing problems, artritis etc, etc. And they all get a pulse and tongue check at least. The last patient of today was an eighty year old woman with all sorts of aches and pains. The doctor listened to her for 20 minutes and she felt much better. The psychological effect is also very important as explained to us. You can see that he is a very well respected man in the village. So I am enourmously grateful to be his Ayurveda student. I am sure it will bring me a lot great perspective.

I will keep you all posted about the patients, the study and my adventures in Hariharapura village.

Ciao ciao!! Love from Yolanda